Saturday Morning

This morning I woke up, did about two hours of email and then heated up some homemade chicken and vegetable soup that I made a few days ago.  Later in the morning, I met up with someone near and dear to me and was still too open for the morning.  Around them, a picture of a cabbage.  Additionally, they also had a squirrel laying on top of them.

From past experiences, I know that when I see a squirrel that normally symbolizes a need to have more fun.  I had to look up the cabbage.  What resonated in this situation was “needing to revisit some past decisions”.  I ended up telling this person what I saw and they explained that they had been working too hard.  After having this conversation, they started working on a project while I was sipping on my tea.  I saw the squirrel go from being very fun and playful to vicious in a few seconds.  Oh how interesting life can be sometimes.


I feel like I am “leveling-up”. The past few weeks, I have asked for some positive changes in my life to occur and everything seems to be working out for the best. However, the darker side of life does NOT like this. Upon waking up this morning, my house felt like a haunted house. So many demented things were everywhere and it was extremely overwhelming. There were eyeballs lined up across the top of the mirror, black shadows with nooses, and worst of all the entities that try to invade your thoughts. Despite this, I think living more with loved ones and getting more medical intuitive information from dreams is worth it.


Today was in interesting trip to the dentist. Went to the waiting room, was brought back and put in a chair and the dental hygienist starts to recline my chair. A few minutes into my cleaning, I get a HUGE pain in the lower right side of my mouth (my dental hygienist was on the opposite side of my mouth). My initial thought was “Ow this hurts”. After realizing this was not my pain, I just sat and tried to understand it for a bit. As my cleaning went on, this pain got much worse and I felt like screaming. The thought “this person HAS to have novacane. HOLY COW THIS HURTS!!” bombarded the front of my head. A few moments later, I see a monkey dancing in the empty chair next to the tray of dental tools. Recognized the sign I was trying to get from spirit (stop monkeying around and just make decisions that need to be made) and then proceeded to leave the dental office. Yep that’s normal.


I have been feeling ill the past few days physically and mentally.  On my way to the store this morning, I was wondering if this medical intuitive stuff is really right for me.  I have been having a hard time finding other physicians that I resonate with.  Right after I got done having that thought process, the “I’m a Believer” song from Shrek came on the radio.  The timing was perfect.  Now I am feeling much better that I am still on the right track.

White Rabbits

I am getting so annoyed with all of these white rabbits that are following me.  Do you understand how frustrating it is to try and open a car door or a door at a grocery store and hold it open for these 20 damn rabbits?  Meanwhile, people are looking at you funny for holding a door open for “no one”.  Spirit world, I love having symbols and messages sent to me.  I really do.  However, sometimes it is a little much.  I have listened to you, and have given the message you would like me to.  Unfortunately, I can not force people to listen.

Despite giving the message I am suppose to numerous times (and in different ways may I add), I am still seeing these rabbits.  I have a strong feeling that they are not going to go away until the message is followed through on.


I ended up having a meeting with someone yesterday and at the very end, she gave me the name of a medical intuitive in town.  After coming home, I contacted her and told her that someone recommended that we talk.  A few hours later, I went to a choral concert with a friend.  A few soloists stepped out from the group.  I looked down at my program and saw the name of the woman that I just contacted.  During the rest of the concert, I sat there in shock.  How is that even possible?  What are the odds of that happening?

Handling Anger

I would imagine every human being becomes angry once in a while; myself included.  Yesterday, I was in a furry of anger over an argument that I had.  For some reason, just being out in a public space seemed to be my solution to cool off and sort through my thoughts.  On the way into the building, I remember still being steaming mad.  As I walked past cars in the parking lot, two car alarms started to go off.  Then, the only train whistle in town blew.  I thought to myself “wow, I must be really mad”.

A little bit of humor entered my thought process after this happened.  Sabrina the Teenage Witch had several scenes where she and her aunts would be mad and a huge lightening store would erupt in their linen closet.  Sometimes I find it funny that I relate to these “imaginary” television shows.


After two persistent phone calls to the dermatologist today, I just received a call back with the results of my biopsy.  The mole on my knee was benign.   Thank the Lord.  I can breathe now.  It is absolutely amazing how many scary stories you can make up and tell yourself to be true.  Despite my need to be blunt and unattached while doing charts to be accurate, I am still a human being and need some help and compassion from others like alternative and medical doctors.

Depending on the case, it is hard for me, not to get attached to the patient’s outcome (like my own).  I feel great sorrow when I find something horrible on a patient.  A few months ago, I remember seeing a pattern on a little boy that I have seen in others that have been diagnosed with leukemia.   That made me MAD.  I remember that morning very clearly going out onto my back patio doing a combination of screaming and journaling.  It is so hard for me to understand how a God can allow others to suffer.  However, logically, I understand that everyone chooses what experiences they want to go through.

I think another reason why this week of waiting drove me crazy was because of my health history.  Being ill for so many years has turned any thought of becoming ill into a serious trauma.  My first and only experience with not taking care of myself scared me straight.  It is not worth the few glorious moments of consuming cake, cookies and ice cream to lay in bed staring at the ceiling in pain and depression.   It is not worth bottling up my emotions to have a weird body attack and needing to go the emergency room at 3am.  I am so done with that.

In the end, I am glad that what I am doing physically, emotionally and spiritually is keeping me well.  I will continue on this path no matter how much it sucks some days.

Grocery Store

Well, as any normal human needs to do, I visited the grocery store this morning.  I thought this would be a normal trip however, as usual, something happened.  Right as I got into my checkout lane, the cashier was telling the person in front of me how she had been having Charlie Horses every night and needed some help.  I had the desire to help and went in and looked at her body really quick.  By my interpretation, the woman needed calcium.  Immediately the words “lemon juice” popped out of my mouth.  In retrospect, maybe the lemon juice would help with something else.  Just a weird day at the store.